Mr. Aamir Khan,

C/O Satyamev Jayate

Star Plus

Mumbai                                                                                          Date: 18th May, 2012

Dear Mr. Aamir Khan,

Sub : Satyamev Jayate – God of the Small Screen?

I write earnestly, ever since your new television series premiered nationwide, two weeks ago. I have just one question, ‘What were you thinking?’ Did we not have enough on our melodrama plate that you had to go on and add to the visual buffet? I mean, you could have very well bought an IPL team if you wished, garnished them with imported kamariyas and made our lives easier. But no sir, you had to knock on the doors of reality TV and how? Allow me to explain further.

1.     To start off with, your concept of reality TV is flawed. Ideally, you ought to pick celebrities that have faded into oblivionand bunch them up in a house for 3 months. Get them to fight, as per a well written script and beep the ‘bits not acceptable for public hearing’. Viewing of the ridiculous behaviour however, is permissible. But you have dissected tabootopics to an open discussion after in-depth research? Looks like an off shoot of your ‘professionalism’ that we keep hearing of in the tabloids.

2.     You also are supposed to ‘sweeten’ the show by adding laughter and a round of applause at the drop of a hat, so even when people sit tight, the TV resounds with ‘claps, whistles and ha ha has’. Alas! Your TV show gets a standing ovation from the audience worldwide.

3.     Our country has an abundance of talent. Pick them from the streets, villages, towns, cities and overseas (NRI emotions and ratings are the highest). Pit them in a battle of either bodily movement or melody and you have a winner. Never mind that, the contestants are on display and disparagingly are singled out one by one, to get to the ‘winner’. But you chose to bring in ‘ordinary people with extraordinary experiences’. What a letdown!

4.     Judges that squabble and insult rake in the highest TRP’s! No one told you that? And all you have is an anchor that actually empathizes and tries to initiate the wave of change, by taking the first step. So typically you, to pick a meaty role.

5.     The greatest crowd puller is the ‘prize money’. People have testified how they had no electricity, but they walked miles to make that one phone call, to enter a show that had the power to change their lives forever. Forget money, all you give us at the end of the show is a song with some soul stirring lyrics? I mean, this is the height of cost cutting by the production team!

6.     Last but not the least, voting. Fortunately, you got that bit right, but partially. You vote to save a contestant, not to address a national issue. You never disclose the cost of sending an SMS on national Television, but hide it under conditions apply*.

The above points clearly indicate your inadequacy to run a reality show. Prior to the airing of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, I was happy to be a crab. Offering my criticism for free, bawling about how change can never happen unless initiated from the top and going back to my secured cocoon. My phone had never sent a random sms for any competition or cause, except for that lone time for Anna Hazare. And now solely because of your darn show, I find myself wanting to come out of the basket and use my claws to type on 5782711 in the flickering hope that, Truth Alone Shall Prevail.  You, Mr. Khan, have for some strange reason, earned my respect.

Yours Sincerely,


PS : The redundant letter writing style, just goes on to prove that we have to upgrade ourselves in more ways than one. 



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