Tucked under a shaded canopy, away from the bustling city of Mumbai, in the by lanes of Juhu it lies. Relatively unknown and those who do know, take its silent presence as part of the sublime surroundings. What with the majestic Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple at a stone’s throw away, this pond I believe, is looked after a certain family in the vicinity. 

The Juhu Talao as it is popularly known, has no grandeur that the Banganga does. Yet, on a cloudy evening with wet drizzle for company, it is soothing to watch.  

The deep emerald waters reflect a beautiful symphony of ripples, as the turtles swim playfully.

The older and wise turtles prefer to sit ashore and discuss perhaps, the many changes they have seen in their lifetime. All in all, the harmonious picture that nature paints is something an artist has yet to capture on canvas. 



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