We’ve been taught that Indian monsoons visit between June and September and so we believe.  A stray shower here and there, beginning June and social network forums were abuzz with welcoming the rains in their full glory. I received ‘happy rains’ sms’ too.  But I’ve known from experience that till the skies are not downcast for the better part of the day and I am not wearing my rain shoes, it is not the monsoons, no sir!

         The glaring sun rays tanned everything to an auburn hue the next day and we were still in summer mode, apparently. Post many false alarms, my android phone (yes, this is an important piece of information) predicted heavy showers on Sunday. I laughed! The azure blue sky joined in with a bigger chuckle. Besides, the MET department had also announced that the monsoons were delayed by another week, not that their predictions mattered. I was content in knowing better. The clouds seemed a little ticklish as it began drizzling. I remain unfazed. Slowly and steadily, like the build up to a movie climax, the heavens opened up and I thought I caught my Android phone in a green smirk.
Waiting to download….

The rain gods had finally arrived to the Wild, Wild West, and for a true blue Bombayite like me, they are my fav season of the year.  I see you shake your head in disapproval, but then again, this really is a manufacturing defect. My family loves the rain, so it’s not just me. Yes, we do see the usual potholes, floods, traffic jams, water borne diseases, dirt, filth and dampness. But for some funny reason, we tend to look at the bigger picture and believe that the rains will wash away these inequities in time. Besides, all the above mentioned ‘social issues’, including the water woes, remain irrespective of the seasons!

My affiliation with the ‘pitter patter’ started when I was all of 6. I was lucky enough to live in a colony that had a huge play ground. Those days the gutters were an efficient part of the drainage system. Fresh rain water would collect in them and we kids would run to have our own paper boat races. What fun! Then when we were done being competitive, we’d go fishing in the same gutters, get hold of cute baby fish and keep them in jars. Biology ruined our fishing escapades the day we learnt that what we had were actually tadpoles. Don’t remember any fishing trips post that. Going to school during the monsoons was a thrill by itself.  A declared rain holiday was on the secret wish list of every kid who knew his way around puddles.  My friends and I, on the other hand were into puddle management. You splash a puddle, we can re-splash it better! No points for guessing, we were the reference point for BRATS you did not want to have!

The rains are finally HERE!

As I grew older, the rains enamored me with their aesthetics.  Everything was suddenly fresh, green and lush. When a lazy ray of sunshine gleamed on the tiny water droplets, at once there would be the brilliance of a thousand suns. The sweet smell of the parched earth with the first few drops of nectar till date remains a fragrance par excellence (Followed closely by that of petrol. Yeah, I am weird in a way.) I became poetic and my love for writing saw me penning a whole lot of prize winning essays and speeches for elocution.  My love affair with the English language had begun and so had the other kinds. Whilst in college, I dated this cute guy who would always say “Every time I think of you, it begins to rain”. Needless to say, our relationship did not go beyond September as I wasn’t willing to relocate to the Equatorial Rain Forests. The rains however continued to be my most sought after season.

A sailor in his uniform is quite a treat, but one without it, is even better. It was during these wet months that I chanced upon this great guy who remains my best buddy till date.  How, when, why did we become who we are, is probably a distant memory but what remains vividly etched is our numerous outings in the city showers.  The street aromas combined with our adventurous spirit, we literally painted the town in a myriad of rainbow colours. Hell, we even celebrated his break up in style (he is going to kill me for this).

Another Queen of the Night on it’s way 🙂


The rains are special because I have fond memories.  The moment the grey clouds begin to assemble disorderly, my heart wanders to ‘yesterday once more’. The first droplets take me to a childhood I was privileged to have. As the cool and fresh breeze gently brushes past, I think of all those wonderful people who I am grateful to have in my life. And when the showers come in full storm, I feel blessed for every little grace I have received.  Then I see my little garden turn green in anticipation and hope sprouts for yet another season.




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