The long weekend ensured a time to relax and be pampered. And what better way than to head to my father’s house. Armed with my new Canon Powershot SX 260HS, I stood in the balcony as I overlooked the canopy of trees that covered the lazy lane. And then they came one by one. I was only to glad to go shutter happy. Thought you’d like to see them too. Do click on the links and you just might learn a few facts that you never knew. 

A pair of Sparrows that seem to be dwindling in the city. 

The Egret, all poise and calm.

A Parrot camouflaged in the greens.

A Purple-Rumped Sunbird, yes I Googled and how!

A Coppersmith Barbet, not very pleased and flew away instantly.

The Red Whiskered Bulbul, if you please.

The Showstopper Squirrel

And when he looked me in the eye, I clicked!



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