What do you get, when you cross 4 talkative women, one damp September afternoon and an eatery that you just don’t want to leave? A riot of memories between mouthfuls of delicacies, a satiated stomach bettered by a nourished soul, that’s what!

An impromptu lunch date with three gorgeous women bloggers, Corinne Rodrigues, Sharmila Kulkarni and Janaki Nagaraj made for a quick weekend brunch. ‘At Fat Cat’, previously known as Fat Cat Café, at Veera Desai, Andheri, Mumbai was the chosen hideout for sharpening our claws. And boy did we dig in our fangs too! Of course the food is divine, the ambiance has a rustic appeal but the graciousness (and the humour) of the host Mr. Vijay Kamath had us floored. 

The tiny little artifacts at the entrance and the arty frames behind the seating area all add an old world charm to this quaint little place. Earthy tones of olive green and beige browns make for a warm arrangement. The black chandelier gives a dramatic look and the lighting is soft, yet illuminating. Don’t mistake this for a boutique, as the bar is well stocked and inviting. The staff, cheery and helpful, readily take on for their chef. See their T shirts if you don’t believe me. 

Coming to the food review. The cheese chili toast and the chicken wings in barbecue sauce were finger licking and lip smacking to say the least. The Thai Red curry with Basil rice was a culinary delight while the Lamb Peri Peri had our taste buds swirling in ripples of ecstasy. Complete value for money. 

We’d walked in at 1.00 pm and were almost done stuffing ourselves by 3.00 pm. We asked for the bill but had not yet had our fill of gossiping. So we thought we’d better order coffee, lest we be asked to leave. And we were pleasantly surprised to be told that coffee was on the house. We hung around for another hour and now were really guilty for stretching the limits. We ordered ice cream for the kid who was mercilessly tagged along but wanted nothing to do with the aunties. And what do you know; the ice cream was on the house too. We just had to leave a note to the owner, expressing our gratitude. 

Finally we were on our way out amidst smiles, hugs and camera flashes and just like that, I knew I’d blog about this. Here is a place where you can come, eat, enjoy, relax and take back home warm memories. We had an enjoyable 5 hours. Yes we left at 5.15 pm, believe it or not. We weren’t rushed and nor were we given fleeting glances to get going.   We almost blended in with the furniture and yet were at the receiving end of hospitality at it’s best. So if you ever are around that area, drop in. You won’t regret it, I promise. Here is a place that guarantees you come back to it every now and then, simply because it makes you feel wanted. Till the next visit which btw is in another week it is ………….Meoowwwww!



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