She glanced at her reflection
The wide eyes held wonder
She picked her special toys
They were her secret getaway
She walked barefoot on the grass
The dewdrops glistened with joy
She played for hours in the sun
Tomorrow was just another day
Her family, her friends, her world
Life was perfect as she knew it
She laughed and loved more 
She gave of herself unconditionally
She had nothing she wanted
She had everything she needed


She looked beyond the mirror
T’was a long way to the destination
She gathered her belongings
A painful reminiscence of leftovers
The grass needed mowing
The dewdrops were long forgotten
Sunscreen kept the sun at bay
Tomorrow was at the mercy of today
Her family, her friends, her world
She visited virtually everyday
She was cautious and restricted
Dedication determined her success
She had everything she wanted
But the emptiness remained


She walked the path she chose
The journey was not all that bad
Her real treasures were memories
Of moments shared with loved ones
The grass was green as ever
The dewdrops fell as promised
The sun shone with brilliance
Here and now was all that mattered
She kept her world within her heart
For that’s what eventually remains
She threw caution to the wind
Her life had been her own
She wanted nothing more
She was finally home.

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt ‘Dear Past/Future Me’ was hosted by Jessie



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