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Thank you Suzy for that fabulous introduction and the Blog Tag baton. Hope to do this good!
My wishes really are all over the place…..and the one thing that I wish for…..the heavens won’t let it happen….
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Sometimes I wish I’d meet a handsome prince
Who’d whisk me away on his horse so white
My head goes Uh-oh as I stop to think
He surely would be stuck in traffic alrite
Sometimes I wish I’d find the perfect fit
Of a shoe that matches the glitz and glam
My head shakes in disapproval of my thoughts
Beauty in modern times is just such a sham
Sometimes I wish I’d be a reigning superstar
Thrive on adulation and live life queen-size
The head shudders and rings aloud warning bells
Between the journey and destination, be wise
Sometimes I wish I’d have everlasting happiness
No more tears that cause heart wrenching pain
The head then intervenes and gently smiles
Every rainbow must breakthrough from rain
Sometimes I wish you’d be right here
And I pray for a miracle each passing day
The tear clouds threaten to thunder
While the heart simply tugs and gives way
And now to introduce Brenda Morguez Granger who gives passion a pursuit. She writes with precision yet, the honesty will touch you. Words come easy to her, just as her thoughts fall into place. She promises to make your visit to her blog a memorable one.



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