She was the talk of the town
For she came home odd hours
Not many neighbours spoke to her
About her however, they freely did
The tales ranged from new lovers
To unethical millions stashed away
And then, came the police, one day
Confirmed their darkest fears
She was killed in broad daylight
A single mother, striving everyday
In a  stark, ruthless city such as ours
To pay to educate her daughter
The one she bore when she was raped
One night returning from the call centre


He was the flavour of the season
The blue eyed boy of the organisation
Men admired and women thronged
His lifestyle made it to the tabloids
A high profile marriage
Saw his stocks rise up
Touted as the next big thing
He lived an enviable life 
Behind closed doors however
Loneliness was a shade darker
He never forgave himself
His animal impulse hounded him
So he killed his living regret
And slept never to wake up
I picked it as an afterthought
Never had the intentions
The cover did not appeal to me
The design, anything but aesthetic
But then again for impromptu gifts
A sale is always a bargain
So it made it’s trudging way
To my overcrowded bookshelf
Where it remained until
That fateful rainy afternoon
Two deaths had rocked the city
No one suspected the intermingled lives
The book seemed to laugh
‘Life in a metro’, it read

This was a fab follow up post to the previous topic. 

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt Judging a book by its coverwas hosted by Paula



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