Tinkle enjoying a nap without a care in the world…this is living the dream 🙂

Are you happy? Is this what you want? Will this be worthwhile? Sometimes simple questions can be very difficult to answer.  It takes a whole lot of honesty and self introspection to be able to reply with either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. ‘Maybe’ doesn’t count unless you intend stalling! And so when today’s prompt asked me if I was living my dream, I wasn’t sure what to write.

Of course, I could paint a rosy picture and say that this present moment was all that I’d hoped for. It is the culmination of my dreams and the answer to my prayers. But the truth is I never planned any of this. In fact, my today is so far away from my yesterday that the twain are destined never to meet. I still have no clue about the destination, though the journey seems alright.

So when I was 15, all I really wanted to be was 21. For some strange reason that sufficed! I thought I’d be 21 all my life. Ah, the teens are such a wonderful naive phase.

All through the journey to 21, all I dreamed of was to have a great job, travel the world and marry Mel Gibson. I wanted to make it big in every possible way. I knew I would. I think I did. I sweetly got married to a guy next door and had a baby and became a SAHM!
And now that I am 35, I dream of going back to childhood and living just another carefree day. I want to be able to roam the streets without the worry of what tomorrow holds. I want to clasp my father’s hand and happily walk along, just one more time. I want to be able to relive the moments of being the older sister with just as much love as I did back then. Today my dreams have changed; the focus has shifted and needs have replaced wants.

My life did not follow my POA at all and somehow all fell into place. I traversed across various professions enhancing my Jack of all tag. Love came knocking on the door when I was least expecting it. A princess joined in and made life worth living. Unexpectedly, we accommodated a cat and are a weird foursome. Friends and family warm the hearth of our home and we are blessed to be where we are. We try to remember that when we are not chasing the other with a murder weapon. 

Finally, one day I took the plunge and settled to be a writer. Today I work from home in my PJ’s with an ever ready warm cuppa coffee. Sheer Bliss! I do things I like and indulge in people I love. So the million dollar question is, am I living my dream? Nah! I’m just following the path of my destiny. Because while I was busy making plans, life actually happened. 

Happy to write this with Blog Fest 2012. 
Today’s prompt was  Are you living your dream?hosted by my dear friend Corinne Rodrigues



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