When Shoppers Stop changed their outlook in 2008, they moved up the contemporary ladder.  From just another retail outlet, they inched their way into setting trends and became the game changers. Their logo was simple, yet classic. True to their outlook, they added an array of international brands to their product range and replaced the slow movers. The store layouts were more open and window displays became works of art. That was the year I became a First Citizen, by choice. Here was a store that understood my needs finally! I can swear by their tagline ‘Start Something New’, for I never find the same product twice. As a result of being twice bitten, I make a grab for that outfit, if I really like it.
A one stop shop for all top fashion labels, at SS you are always spoiled for choices. However, I can swear by their in-house label, Haute Curry. It is chic yet kitsch, blingy yet trendy, all in all, a very vibrant brand. So I decided to take a sneak peak at the season’s flair. Fortunately, when you have a lil’ missy at home, shopping can never really be a solitary affair.  So read about how I came home with a fashion lesson well learnt, one hot December afternoon……………….
The moment we strolled in, we walked to the Ethnic section. Nothing lifts the spirits more than fabric in radiant colours. The princess was quick to make a choice.
Now, yellow is really a colour I associate with the ‘Virar ka chokra’. She however was firm. Her argument, she could give Chi chi a run for his pants…!! I have never been more afraid in my entire life…………..
She continued undeterred and was on the lookout to accessorize her ensemble. She chose beaded golden slip-ons to match the embroidery on the kurta and a chunky golden neck piece to complete the look.
She finally picked a crystal hairband for the simplistic touch and was almost done, when she remembered the bangles. They however were a tad bit over sized, so we dropped them.

And finally when she emerged from the trial room, ………………….ta daaaah!!!! She looked every bit regal, as she had promised. I almost had a lump in my throat when she warned me about getting melodramatic. I quickly went about my photography skills, putting Mothercare behind.

After our stint with glamour, while stepping out, we chanced upon the current shopping festival at Shoppers.

Looking at the placard, the young lady quips, “Mom, if you win the 25k voucher, you need to spend just 5000 which will earn you Rs 2500 in points”.

“Hypothetically speaking, yes. So?”
“So mom, I suggest you pick this gorgeous diamond ring for me. As far as the outfit is concerned, I’ll write a letter to Santa…..simple.”

Christmas is round the corner. Shoppers Stop, are you listening?

This post is an entry to Shopper’s StopThe Perfect Festive Look contest in association with Indiblogger.
Please Note : All Photographs are personal and belong to the author.
All photographs shot on location after necessary permissions from the SS Floor Supervisor.



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