Last year, this time, my life was sorted. My farms were doing well and I was raking in the moolah at the dices. I not only was scrabbling my way with new words every day but also had a very active social life. The likes, the comments, the notifications, the pictures and the status updates, all contributed to my very own Copernican revolution. The art of mastering perfection can be cumbersome. So, one fine February morning (or was it evening?) without any warning, my impulsive mind dived into the world of blogging. I wasn’t sure if here was where I wanted to be. So BlogwatiG as an alias was born.

A pic that I love…. shot by Deepak Amembal of the famed Magic Eye
Now, I have a natural bend towards humour. My first task was to find the best humour blogs around. Google introduced me to Purba Ray amongst others. Incidentally, she was celebrating her second blog anniversary. Was this a coincidence? Only time would tell. When I hopped over to A-musing, I was smiling ear to ear. I could not help but comment on her post. That by far has been the best investment I have ever made. She returned to find her stalker, read through her first post, commented and then spread the word. People rode her tweet to my blog. I was only too happy to learn a new term. There was only one kind of riding I was aware of and it certainly had nothing to do with bikes. Overnight, from a nonexistent identity, Purba Ray became my four leaf clover.

Now, it is common knowledge, where the queen goes, the cat follows. So Snow Leopard was the cub that tagged along. Of course, a visit to his very erudite blog proved otherwise. Here was a kid who had his head on his shoulders and wrote with the precision of a surgical knife. Soon I had exchanged numbers with both, my lucky charm and the boy I called Snowy. And don’t be fooled by his brattish demeanour, he really is an adorable kitten. *Smirks wickedly*
The first Blog meet came up and I was introduced to a handsome bunch of women. A handful few came into my life and refused to leave. Corinne, Sharmila, Janaki and me soon became a team. We even envisioned opening a business venture called Four Play. Can you imagine the closed doors that would be opened to us with a name like this? Corinne is the wise owl of the group. She will nonchalantly address issues and solve them while her business manager Pablo barks in the background. Sharmila has a secret. Brace yourselves! She is a dentist with the cutest set of tooth fangs. She also is a resident CIA agent. When in doubt, ask Zarmila. That BTW, is her code name. Janaki is the sweet soul. The Balika Vadhu of our group, she does not have an evil bone in her body. Oh, but her wicked sense of humour is a riot. She balances the madness that I bring and we love her for that. The bonus is that she lives right next door.
Sometime later, in a bid to explore the blogosphere, I entered a forgettable Blogging League spread over a couple of weeks. Though I made a fab set of friends, the imbeciles by the dozen really got on my nerves. I had a showdown with one such weirdo who insisted on bringing down a team that had left the competition. I tried reasoning with him in English. He did not get the drift. I brought out my ‘Maa Durga’ avatar. Many others joined in.  Somehow, the issue died out. But not before I got a mail from a Rickie Khosla commending my guts and language. Two things were against this polite gentleman. One, he was from Gurgaon (Run BG, run). Second his surname was Khosla, we just might be related. (Now my mind was screaming). Fortunately, he turned out to be a non-relative NRI. We became FB acquaintances and I really look forward to meeting him someday. Chikni Soorat as I call him (much to the anguish of many) loves Bollywood but his serious fiction is to die for.
Of course, there are so many others that made an impact on my blogging life. I can’t forget my IndiBlogeshwaris who light up my world with all their bitchy comments. They are just what the doctor ordered with my morning coffee. Sri Sri Googleshwar, who in his infinite wisdom has helped me upgrade widgets and change the look of my blog at regular intervals. My readers, who come from far and wide, read, connect and comment.  Their time and effort resonates with me every single time. I hope to repay them in kind (Don’t get any ideas). The Blogging platforms, particularly IndiBlogger and BlogAddawho have helped me reach out to so many of my tribe, thank you. And a bigger bouquet of gratitude to the ‘not so great’ and/or ‘full of themselves’ bloggers. They showed me how exactly not to be. I’ve got two words for you. Bless You!

Tomorrow, I complete a year of being a Blogger. It’s been a fabulous year because BlogwatiG has loved penning every minute of it. I always invest in relationships. This is the first instance of online ones. As a result, on my birthday, Purba messaged me from Australia. Snowy called and chatted from Delhi. Corinne, Sharmila and Janaki plotted with my sister to throw me a surprise party. Friends do that…………………they make time and not excuses, irrespective.

So as BlogwatiG turns one, here’s raising a toast…..may the sharp sword of words and the flag of sarcasm be held ever high. And may the inner circle be cherished forever and ever. Ah…Men!







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