“What’s this? You won something? Again?” the princess enquired as she walked in from school at 4 pm today.“Nah. This is a sample of Sunsilk Straight hair shampoo and conditioner from Indiblogger. We are supposed to use it and blog about it.”

“Oh! So? You blogged?”

“How can I? I just got it this afternoon. The deadline to submit the post is tonight. It’s cutting it too close.”

“Did you promise to write about it?” she asked, as she picked Tinkle, our cat, in her arms. I was taken aback.

“Er…..well, I mean I did register for a free sample, so I am guessing that kinda qualifies, marginally.”

“Didn’t you tell me a promise is never meant to be broken?” she continued, not knowing the spasms of righteousness she was subjecting me to. Kids have this innate ability to show you the mirror when you least expect it. I was still sifting through my moral obligations when she added excitedly, “And BTW you do know, I sort off have straight hair?”

And so, before I could say Jack Robins, we were in experiment mode. I was muttering under my breath for modern day schools that encouraged kids to prod and learn. But did it have to happen specifically at  ‘me’ time? Reluctantly, I was now part of a post that just a couple hours ago, I had no intention to pen.

“I love the bottle colour mom. Did you know purple is a colour for royalty?”

“Nice. What subject did you learn that in? History?”

“Barbie movies. ” She shouted back from the shower as I grimaced.

“Mom, this smells damn neat. Quite smooth too. Is that why it is called Sunsilk?” she questioned from behind closed doors.

“I have no clue.” I replied honestly.

“Google it then”, pat came the answer.

I dutifully followed the instructions. “Well, there is some mention about a girl with the sun in her hair…….”

The Sample, though I wish we’d got the hair spray too!
She stepped out all fresh and clean. “That kinda makes sense. But the bottle says Yuko. What’s that? A flavour?

“Well as per my web induced knowledge, it is the name of the Sunsilk straight hair expert Yuko Yamishta from Japan. She has devised a breakthrough Straight-Lock technology that apparently aligns the hair as they dry.” I rattled off, inattentively.

“Mom. English please?

“Sorry. What it means is that when your hair is washed, it stays in place, all pretty. But as it begins to dry, it kind of gets frizzy. This shampoo takes care of that.”

“Cool. The Japanese are good at inventions. And yeah, that, I learnt in school.” She smiled haughtily, as she posed for the paparazzi.

 Before……                                   Immediately after…………..


Once the hair has set in.

We sat patiently, waiting for the hair to dry naturally. Quite a task for a soon to be 11 year old. Finally, when it was done, the princess gave her verdict. Not completely poker straight, considering she does have wavy hair, but tangle free and shiny enough for a score of a 4/5.

And thus, thanks to the princess, I managed to keep a promise. Perhaps, I would never have given another thought to it, had it not been for her. More importantly, I managed to be the mom I think I am. I learnt a very important lesson, there are no free lunches my friend and definitely no free hair washes either.



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