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Even as I write this, I have unknown relatives waiting to stash their millions into my bank account. Apparently, they can’t trust their government and their life is in grave danger. Apart from making me feel like a part of a James Bond movie,  they continue without a clue of my first name. Such emails always begin with ‘Dear Friend’ and end in ‘send me your bank details’. The five emails currently in my E-mail box make me wonder, perhaps, dad has not been completely honest with us. Or maybe it really is mom? She always harped on the importance of ethnicity. Considering this new found development, am I even Indian?

My thoughts are interrupted by a notification on my screen. A picture of a malnourished alien somewhere in Timbuktu tugs at my heart. It makes me feel guilty for being able to sit in the comfort of my home office and see him. “Like the picture if you have a heart. Share if you are have an ass.” My eyes get clouded for a moment. One like is all it will take to put food on his table. I bless the generous soul who shows me what’s happening at the other end of the solar system. We tend to get so wrapped in our own lives that we forget to be grateful.

I’ve hardly recovered from the pictorial attack when someone shares a video of how Hitler has shown a keen interest in making Harry Potter his masterchef. The video has just about gone viral and already has 2,00,000 hits. I laugh at their foolishness. Everyone knows T. Cruise has already appointed him as Suri’s personal gym trainer. “It’s too late for Hitler”, I comment, making my displeasure known.

In other news, the First Lady’s memoirs now to be an action packed motion picture titled If I’d married him. ATM  robberies no longer a lucrative business, as entering the reverse PIN alerts the neighbour’s dog. Talking about dogs, the world’s largest dog has adopted a horse , while Disney’s Little Mermaid was seen sunbathing in Malaysia. A gentle reminder, it also is the GUFFAWS (Great Universal Fools Felicitation & AWarenesS) Month, please turn off the lights in your profile picture to extend your support.

I diligently click forward and send this to the 1000 odd friends on my list. After all sharing is caring. ‘Happy are those who haven’t seen and yet believe’, said the Lord. I see and I believe. Am I supposed to question the authenticity? In that case, I wonder why is the internet called the world wide web? Maybe, Spiderman has a stake in the global shares. Go figure!

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