My hands were full with the goodies received. An afternoon so well spent with fellow bloggers, that I was willing to forgive the sultry Mumbai heat. Oh yes, Mumbai can be a mean monster with the advent of summer and otherwise. The humid climate makes you drip like an air conditioner but does little in the department of cooling. Add the pollution and it becomes a murkier tale. So a Neutrogena Indimeet seemed like a perfect opportunity to know how to beat the heat. Right? Wrong!

Well, for starters, let me put up a statutory warning. I love my Indian skin but I just wasn’t the CMP variety. Don’t get any ideas. CMP stands for Clean, Moisturize and Protect. I really am more of a lazy bum who strolls in the sun, sans protection. Yes, I heard the gasp of horror. What’s more? I don’t own sunscreens or moisturizers. Why? Because the few times I tried to use a sun screen it gave me an itchy feeling and turned my skin red. Moisturizers on the other hand, end up making the face feel sticky, considering I have sensitive, combination skin. I prefer just washing and wiping my face with a wet tissue. What? Water is supposed to be hydrating, no? Besides this regime had kinda worked for me (or so I thought) till now. So why change?

Now at the Neutrogena meet, we had various interactive methods to explain why we needed an effective sunblock system. The most convincing (and scary) was the UV Ray Test by the certified dermatologist. However, I wasn’t going to fall for the patented ‘Helioplex Technology’ claims made by the product. You see, I am an ex-Advertising Con-Artist. I know the drill of effective marketing and branding, sales and yada, yada, yada. I was going to make this difficult for them. If I had to test the efficiency of the product, I was going to do it my way. I was headed to Singapore for my annual vacation. At just 137 kms north of the equator, it couldn’t get hotter than that. Now, it was me and the Equatorial Sun against them.

Singapore lived true to its reputation. Sudden rain showers but hot at most times. Day 1, I was headed to the Gardens by the Bay at 3 pm. I opened my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 50+ gift box and headed for the Complete UV moisturizer. The creamy white liquid looked like it would never blend. It somehow managed to seep into my skin. It felt supple not sticky. Beginners luck, I muttered to myself. I then took a large dollop of the Dry Touch Sunblock. When I applied it, I looked like those firang cricketers who could break into a zulu dance at the sight of the sun. White as a ghost but incidentally my skin wasn’t burning or tingling. I resisted the urge to wipe it all off. After about 5 minutes, I wasn’t that English to look at. I dabbed my face with a tissue. The spray on Body Mist Sunblock was ideal. I loved it from the word go. Also, I think when convenience comes bottled like this, it is always welcome. I could almost, instantaneously,  see the film of protection on my arms and legs. I was ready to head out, much to the amusement of my husband, who knows that my laziness in skin care is legendary. I decided to ignore with a big ‘EYE’.

Making Hay in Gardens by the Bay
Day 2 was out and out for the Botanic Gardens. I went through my new found ritual. This time I was careful to take adequate quantities. My sensitive skin was responding well to the new caretakers. Maybe there was some truth to the CMP theory but the stubborn me wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. I decided to give it another day (to fail?).
Green with Envy?
Day 3 was the litmus test with Universal Studios. Anyone who has visited would know, there is just no escaping the sunshine. The day trip can be quite exhausting and needs you to be on your toes for the better part. Yes, believe it or not, I carried the Sun Screen along with me to reapply every 4 hours as advised. And yes, if you are interested to know, I did not come back looking as though I had escaped from the planet of the apes. Three days in a row, it was remarkable. The pictures are a worthy proof as you can see.
Po approved of my sunny side
We showed Marilyn to strut the right way
My verdict. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer lives up to its claim. But you have to pay heed to the instructions. Don’t expect a well turned out gourmet if you don’t follow the recipe to the tee. I am still enjoying my vacation in the sun as I write this post. CMP is the cardinal rule, every 4 hours.  And this is not a mere beauty regime, it is about being Sunkissed in Summer.
Neutrogena SunBlock working hard.

This post has been written for the Neutrogena Summer Fun in the Sun Contest by Indiblogger.



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