My Wandering Wednesday Series are dedicated to the flight of my imagination now and then, captured by my camera lens. And then, songs and movies simply fill in the gaps for the right captions! I try to give you the back story of the picture too. Perhaps you may see a tale hidden there. Check the previous posts here.

We all want a superhero to drop in from the skies and make everything all better. It is this hope of a greater power that can save us that keeps us. We believe and so they exist. Never mind if they wear their underpants on the outside, that’s the mark of a ‘real’ man. But who will protect them from us? 

A cabbie in Singapore had this on his dashboard. The pride he took in his vehicle and his collection was contagious. I think only Chitti is missing out here (Unless he has a shrine dedicated to him at home?) BTW cabbies in S’pore, very friendly. Always ready for a chat, and they will take you to the address you want to go. It’s like they have an inbuilt GPS system, they know every building complex that exists out there. 

Sometimes, Superheroes need to Drive By

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