I was so looking forward to the Xtreme Indiblogger Meet on June 1st. It was in the vicinity. It was a four wheel brand I was hoping to own some day. And most importantly, I was waiting to have a closer look at a vehicle that just a few months ago was given away as top prize for the maximum number of tweets. Who knows? Another one in the offing out here!! Besides, I really am partial to earthy colours, and that Urban Bronze was oh, so rustic, and a must have. Yes, I am a woman and colours matter to me. Deal with it!

Oh well, the day dawned and I reported in sick. My stomach was in turmoil. It almost replicated the Storme dirt track. This was not good. I was hoping I’d be better as the sun moved westwards. But as the clock ticked, at 6.01 pm, with a heavy heart, I tweeted “@indiblogger might miss this one, a bit under the weather…..sob sob”

My mind would not rest though and I really wanted to be there. My pal, Janaki kept me updated on the happenings and was urging me to come and have a dekho! Women have been known to give in to temptation since the days of Adam. So I did the unexpected. I popped a pill, put on my blue jeans and was on my way. Till then, as per updates received, 30 seconds of fame was almost done.

I nervously entered a deserted hall only to be received by the Indiblogger Team. The action was happening in the backyard, they mentioned. A quick registration and I hurried towards the battle grounds. A group of very enthu youngsters were trying to pull the Storme across the finish line. The rope snapped, a few fell, the rest crossed over with the free end of the broken rope across the line amidst cheers. Who won? Clearly, Tata Storme. The vehicle did not budge from where it was.

And then, we were ushered into the arena. All lit up, it was a dare to tame the beast. I swear it looked as if we were ready to star in an action film. The set was in place with raging twists and turns. Stunts were waiting to be performed. The protagonist, the four wheel drive, waited for his side kicks to fasten their seat belts and trust the adept men behind the wheel. The thrill was unmistakable as many joined the ranks. My spirit was willing but my body was weak. At the risk of having unpleasant odours create a storm of their own, I passed the chance to ride the mean machine. Albeit, very sadly, I must say, for I crave thrill and action.





The visual treat more than made up for my loss. The vehicle was at the command of it’s rider. The climbed, they sped, they slid and they maneuvered road blocks. The cloud of dust that arose as they spin the wheels left a halo across the Storme. And I must mention, those guys cut across the terrain like you slice a piece of chocolate cake. Such smooth operators, I wouldn’t mind one of them as a personal chauffeur. Bombay traffic be damned!



So, if you are looking at specifications of the SUV and other such technical stuff, you got me. But as a lay person who doesn’t get numbers, I can describe the Storme to you in three words. STYLE, TECHNOLOGY and PERFORMANCE. It’s got the look with the features to match and is in keeping with the needs of present day travel. Work and play, both ably integrated into its agenda. Take your pick! And yet, with all this, it does not compromise on comfort or security. As a mother and a coveted lady driver, this works for me. I know, if I am driving a Storme, no rickshaw guy will dare mess with me. Size and looks do matter, my friend.

As we made our way to the dining area, an ambulance kept on standby caught our attention. Fortunately, no one needed it, but keeping control over little things, this is what great organizations stem from. TATA is one such name we can add with pride to the list.

A whole lot of satiated souls headed home that evening. I was one of them, glad that I had made the effort to drive by. After all, to tame the STORME all you need is courage, conviction and the sense of adventure rushing through your veins.

Do you have what it takes?




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