I think it was karmic connection, the day I landed on Purba Ray’s Blog, last February. I owe everything I am today to that one tweet she rendered, after dropping by. I learnt so much about blogging, the do’s and dont’s, by following her like the Hutch puppy. My dad always said, the heart must  know gratitude. And, so, here I am returning the favour and strengthening this virtual bond further. We share our blogiversary, so that should set the tone for this read.And Purba Ray, thank you for being my lucky charm. Thank you for letting me be ‘Me’, without any expectations or conditions. Je t’aime toujours.

For Blogger or For Worse

“It’s been over a year. I think the time has come to take this relationship to the next level. You know you mean the world to me. And I would never do anything to hurt you. I’d rather hurt myself…….” Her eyes, limpid pools gently strumming the ripples of love and admiration, bore testimony to what she’d just heard. Deep in her heart, she knew, this was meant to be. Her heart ached for she knew every word that was bespoken was true. This treasure was hers to keep.

“And hence, this is what I have for both of us. Good times or bad, this will sail us through” 
Dear Lord, could this be what she thought it was? Nothing quite prepared her for what followed next. She opened the sealed envelope with trembling fingers.

“This is what I’d like to call B-NUP, a Blogger Nuptial.”

She was speechless.

“Well considering that you have been blogging for years before me, this seemed like a step in the right direction.”

She stared in disbelief at the contract that read thus.

To whomsoever it may concern. 

  1. It is agreed that the bloggers in question will visit each other’s blog and lavish praise even if they have been having a hard day. This particularly stands true when the maid has not come in to work,phir bhi bajate raho! 

And if you want to read the rest, head to Purba Ray’s Blog now. You can download a copy of this agreement for future reference. It just might save you a lot of hassles. I mean it!



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