My Wandering Wednesday Series are dedicated to the flight of my imagination now and then, captured by my camera lens. And then, songs and movies simply fill in the gaps for the right captions! I try to give you the back story of the picture too. Perhaps you may see a tale hidden there. Check the previous posts here.

I hate cooking! If you gave me a million dollars asking me to cook, I would give me at least a 100 numbers where you could order in from. Let me set the record straight. I can cook. In fact, I learnt to cook when I was 9.  I diligently continued till I was 24. And then I got married. I got a doting father-in- law who had a wonderful cook. The rest as they say is history.  Some of the best chefs in the world are men. I don’t even know why this avenue rests with the women. I mean if it is a man’s world, they might as well indulge in this space too. Me, I like to reign in the bedroom. Well any other room, but the kitchen!

We took a rain holiday today. Bombay is generous like this, once in a while. The daughter was in an art and craft mode. She made a cooking range out of a watch box that resembled a Lego. Buttons made for the knobs. Bottle caps became utensils with cardboard covers having beads for handles. A cardboard patch with pictures became the oven while a cardboard flap became the cooking range cover. A small piece of tissue was put between two buttons as the napkin.  Two blue coloured beads for added effect. And voila, our very own mini cooking range with pots on fire was done. If only we could simplify things like this!


 What’s cooking? Cuppy Cake!

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