The one thing I can’t stand is bad breath! My conversational skills go for a toss when I have someone smelling like the last meal they ate. Somehow, I picture myself being choked on the aroma therapy that I am being subjected to. Worse, I could faint with my mouth wide open and kill the rest of the population around me. And that, my friends, is a recurring nightmare. Hence, I always carry an after mint on me. And so when BlogAdda offered the chance to review Mint-O Ultramintz, the new offering from the ITC stables, I took them on. Well, another mint of the block, no harm done, I thought to myself.


The quaint package arrived and the thoughtfulness struck me. A personalized note, always, and I mean always makes a very good impression. The first thing that struck me was the colour. Breath mints are associated with ‘freshness’. Hence more often than not, mint green or aqua blue is chosen as the brand colour. Out here, streaks of midnight blue across a jet black backdrop made a rather bold and unconventional statement. It caught my attention for sure.


On unwrapping the pretty package, there sat a pint sized metal box encased in elegant black satin. The marketing team had managed to make the necessary product impact on my mind. But was their product worth all the razzmatazz after all?


On first look, the mint pellets seemed too tiny to make an impact. A taste drive was in order. I popped two, out of force of habit. First reaction – Not Sweet! Afterthought – Not bad! Final Word – One would have been good enough, actually.

The clock struck 12. I was off for lunch with my girlfriends in less than an hour. Seemed like a perfect plan to get a couple of unadulterated reviews. Meeting the girls was great, as usual. When lunch was done, I handed out Ultramintz to the girl gang. Unanimous verdict, “Thank God, they are sugarless and price-less too.” Women and their diets, I tell you! They leave no room for added expense, along with the calories.


So, 60 pellets made from the finest peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and powered by specialty cooling compounds. All this at your disposal for Rs 50/- only. That means fresh breath for less than 80 paise every time. Ah, well, at least somewhere the rupee is getting its worth. As for my recurring nightmare, well let’s just say, Mint-O promises to take my breath away, and yours if need be!

So have you been Ultramintz’d yet?

I am reviewing Mint-O Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.



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