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10 days have passed since we have welcomed our most favoured guest. Today we bid HIM  a ‘large’ goodbye. Revelry is at its loudest. The streets are lined with strewn flowers, broken bottles and splashed colours. In our enthusiasm, we have little or no respect for the guidelines that govern the state. 10 pm is the deadline for music. Our festivities get into the mood at 11 pm. And all the chart busters make it in order of their lewd lyrics. With chest thumping, leering and claiming stake on the streets, yes, this must appease the gods, I am guessing.

On the other hand, I can simply imagine HIM wanting to have a quiet word with his visitors. After all, what better way to make guests feel welcome than with a heart to heart. I imagine HIM taking in HIS surroundings and wondering, when ever did this become about pomp and show, and unimaginative decibel levels? I imagine HIM feeling the agony of losing mankind and gaining ‘devotees’. I imagine HIM heartbroken at who we’ve become and wanting to take away HIS mothers, sisters and daughters, far, far away. Into the sea, with HIM, to safety, the Vignaharata ends our troubles.

And as a first, I leave you with a simple question!


 What if God was One of Us?



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