Yes, I often do this. Plunge into a ‘to-do’ when I have my hands full. Not content there, I drag others along. And so it came to pass, when the Indiblogeshwaris decided that we had to tweak the Secret Santa tradition. Out of this desire was born the Secret Blogger Elves initiative. The modus operandi was simple. We were enlisted on a first come, first serve basis, to review blogs secretly. The names were then arranged alphabetically next to ours and voila, we had our job chalked out. I was finally awarded with after playing musical chairs. (Read last minute entry shuffles). And off I was to read someone new.

The first thing you expect on a blog can be anything but a doodle of a hippie behind bars, blowing smoke rings. Below that was an invite to follow Square and Fair on Twitter. I was liking the approach and was praying to the Blog Gods that this was pure sense of humour and nothing else. I immediately read the first post titled ASTON AMBANI ACCIDENT, SEC 377, SPINE OF THE CONGRESS. Good Lord, he wrote on one area that I avoided like the plague, Politics and Current Affairs! I said a Hail Mary for protection and continued to read. I have never remained the same since. All I can say, is that the boy has a mind and his keyboard puts it pretty much out there. No frills, no bows and certainly no gift cards. And all this, when he has only started blogging since November 2013.

I quickly went  about the site in search of what more treasures I could unearth. Bang! This one could not escape my vigilance. I was headbanging in affirmation to every other sentence, as a writer, as a mother and as the aam janta who wants value for money. I think, I even wiped a tear or two in appreciation of the lad’s honesty. His mom must be so proud. Sniff, sniff. (*Fumbles for a tissue*).

So it’s time to unveil the face behind the mask. Anish Vyavahare is the raw talent behind the smooth words and sharp wit. His language is simple, very today. At the same time his grasp over what he writes is evident. He has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it. In fact, he is kind enough to add a disclaimer about entering his blog world at your own risk. (I kind of get the doodle now). And it seems that he had the writing bug for the longest period of time, for I came across a hilarious piece he wrote in 2006. It revolved around a college fest, a quiz competition and underwear. Now, go figure!

Look wise, the blog is a simple two column design. There is definite room for improvement there. I am sure as a WordPress user, the widgets would come in good time. I do hope he changes the font to a more readable one, though. Apparently, he also writes poems. I think post the festive season I am gonna have a dekho. It seems he also is a fella with a heart of gold. He is the founder of Shiksha Power, an organization that aims to empower people through education. So, all in all, many hats and enviable tresses. Add to that words that slice like a knife through warm butter. I think we have a new star on the horizon, folks.

So spread the Christmas Cheer and hop on to Indiblogeshwaris Bandwagon to read many more such reviews.

Have a Blessed Season Folks!



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