After wandering around for many Wednesdays at a stretch, I am back for good (I hope). The break was a welcome one, and long overdue. And lots of tales along the way. Hopefully I can pull out some of those stories and pen them here. For now, welcome back. Check my earlier Wandering Wednesday Series here.

I was in the UAE last week. We surprised my niece for her birthday. Her reactions et al are the making of another post. This one is about the birthday party. The weather was getting from nice to awesome. Hence it was perfect for a day at Dubai’s Zabeel Park. And so as we set out with our cakes, pizzas and colas, we were greeted by families walking in with huge pots and pans, all set for a Biryani/Barbecue party. I almost followed the aromas and joined their party. As I headed to our picnic spot, I saw adults riding bikes and kids playing games long forgotten. The simplicity all around was delightful. Yours truly did something that she’d not done in years. I slept on the grass. And oh, what a wondrous feeling it was! I could stay there all day. I almost did.

And as I browsed around, seeing people do their own thing, I saw happy faces. Actually, I think I saw content faces. Was it the weather? Or was it the fact that it was a long weekend on account of the UAE National Day? No matter what the reason was, I seemed to be reciprocating too. And as I picked my camera to go click click for a souvenir of the moment, it hit me. It was the HERE and NOW that the people were responding to. Yes, they all had a routine to return to eventually, but as of now, it was not on their mind. Funnily, it hadn’t been on mine either. I was, for a change, not making any plans or rethinking any goals. I simply WAS. And that day taught me something I am never going to forget all my life. No matter how good yesterday has been or how bad tomorrow might be, (or vice versa) the grass is as green as it gets on your side. To make it your emerald or stay jaded, the choice is yours. Me? I am collecting the Peridots for now!


The Grass Is GreenerΒ onΒ This Side Of Paradise.



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