I decided to participate in the  #100HappyDays Challenge and share the picture story on my blog too. And so here I am with happy stories to show. Come, have a dekho! My personal hashtag is #BlogwatiGSmiles. Yeah, it’s all about ME!

To do the right thing, takes courage.

To do the right thing, takes courage.

So today, while taking the kitten to the vet, I saw this. A police officer on his bike wearing a helmet. And it made me smile. Because he valued his life. More than that, he valued that someone might be waiting for him at home, to return safely. He owed it to them. He did not ride the roads thinking he owned them. Instead, he rode with the knowledge that he, too, was vulnerable. All it took was one wrong traffic move. And if a cop like him pulled up someone for not wearing his helmet, I’d like to think it wasn’t just for the sake of issuing a ticket or making some money. It would be because he knows the right from the wrong.



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