I decided to participate in the  #100HappyDays Challenge and share the picture story on my blog too. And so here I am with happy stories to show. Come, have a dekho! My personal hashtag is #BlogwatiGSmiles. Yeah, it’s all about ME!

My Christmas Corner

My Christmas Corner

#Day6 of #100HappyDays. Today, it is the Baptism of Lord Jesus. Officially, the last day of the Christmas season. So, after today, I’ll put away my tree, crib, star, and other paraphernalia, till I need it again.#BlogwatiGSmiles for Christmas is now only 347 days away!

Christmas has always been special. And if you happen to be spend Christmas in Bombay, particularly in Bandra, you would know how the entire area transforms into winter wonderland. The streets are lit up, hustling and bustling with activity. Red, gold and green festoons dominate, as do pretty decorations and choicest tree trimmings. But one place that takes the cake, the baker and the bakery, is the Interior store, DAMIAN. Every year, their Christmas Window Display is to die for. In fact, it is a must visit on our Christmas List. This year, the theme was Nursery Rhymes. And as usual, they aced. Have a look!


The store all decked up!


The Christmas Tree


The Old Woman’s Shoe.


A little closer


The Holy Family


Peter Pumpkin Eater


The central Window Display


The crowd comes from all across the city, year after year.



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