I decided to participate in the  #100HappyDays Challenge and share the picture story on my blog too. And so here I am with happy stories to show. Come, have a dekho! My personal hashtag is #BlogwatiGSmiles. Yeah, it’s all about ME!

Some relations are meant to last forever. This is one of those. School friends are something else. You share with them one amazing part of your life. But when this friendship spills over to your families too, you have history together. Here’s raising a toast to one such couple who I call Aunty and Uncle. It also happened to be the sexier one’s 60th birthday. She walks in like a hurricane, and could ruin you in a New York Minute, if you step on her toes. She also has a heart of gold, though. One that she keeps for those privileged enough to see how wonderful she is.  And this habit that I have of giving a damn, she taught me that.

Happy 60th, sexy! And here’s looking forward to the Ruby and then the Golden Anniversary.




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