We love house parties ever since Mumbai’s night life has constructively been destroyed. The gang, consisting of the hubby boy’s childhood friends, simply comes over, we order in (I don’t cook, remember?) and we just have a good time. Black Dog is an integral part of all those celebrations. Well, they have graduated from boys to men, you see. So, yes whisky is the way of the wise.

The evenings are easy-going, mixed with good friends and mirth. Conversations flow as easily as the drinks. Everyone is generally enjoying themselves that is when it starts. Well you see, every sip of the Triple Gold Reserve Scotch brings out memories. And that is how the party starts.

So at first, what flows are the stories of school. Just like the fruity notes of the Black Dog 21 years that flirt with the palette at taste. So, the names of all the crushes come tumbling one by one. Puberty has its own charm. Thankfully it happens just once. These aren’t my words of wisdom. The boys swear by it.

Slowly the stories move to college and days of youth. Ah, well, velvet and smooth, these memories. They unlock the heart and tingle the thoughts in the corner of the mind. The whisky glass is half full, half empty. So are the tales. Some had happy endings, others got lost somewhere. Moral of the story, they were good while they lasted like the rich, warm gold potion that twirls merrily in the glass.

By now we have settled well into our routine. We talk about life as we know it. The way it has changed, and how much it still will. Where will we be in a few years? We need to take a vacation together. Where are the photos of the last trip? We still have to square off the tab for the drinks of last Christmas. What are we doing for New Year? It’s bizarre to go out, the cops ruin it. House Party? Done, my place.

Year, after year, the stories have remained the same. Yet, every time we hear them, all over again, we laugh just as much as we did the first time. There is comfort in the known. Friends are the shells you gather over the years. True friends turn into pearls. And they are just a phone call away, always ready to catch up over drinks and spend an easy evening.

So, have you met your friends lately?


  Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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