So, they say there is a method to do everything. Some even endorse there is a method in madness. I say whatever works for you! Now since we were doing the Black Dog Chronicles, and this was almost turning into a biography of Dad, I went to him yet again. I wanted to know how do you drink whisky. Wait, hold your breath, don’t laugh. When I say how, I really mean HOW? I am a teetotaler and have absolutely no clue. And yet, here I am writing a blogathon. Well, there is a method in madness, no?

Daddy being the sweetheart that he is went on to explain. He mentioned that before you drink your whisky, you need to know it. You need to know the notes. In lay man’s language, you need to know the ingredients. They tell you how strong a drink it is, in terms of aroma, taste and finish. I made notes.

Daddy then went to elaborate, take a glass that you are comfortable holding. This is very important, coz whisky cannot be rushed. You have to enjoy your drink, else don’t drink at all. I nodded.

Then, he said, don’t make the mistake of thinking that whisky is wine. No whirling and twirling  when you pour it in the glass. In fact, pour it and let it stay. Let it catch the light and let it speak to you. I thought Daddy was getting rather poetic, but I did not complain.

You can add ice, soda, water or drink it neat, he volunteered. Though he prefers water as it is neutral and it just about breaks the whisky and unleashes potential that you wouldn’t know existed. It’s pretty much like magic, he said. I was quite intrigued now.

Lastly, when you open a bottle, make sure you finish it. Unlike wine, whisky does not age in the bottle. It has attained all the maturity it needed to in the casks. So, it would do you good to wind up the bottle while it is still young.

I had pretty much covered quite a bit. And that’s when I asked him the last question.

“Daddy, when is the best time to drink whisky?”

He answered, “When the heart is full and the glass is empty.”

I thought that was deep, when he added “Or when you are gifted a bottle of your favourite whisky. Whatever works for you.”

So saying, he took the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve that I’d got him and decided to pour himself a drink, his usual.

Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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