Ah, the same ol’ story continues

You wake, you run, you work

Dreams are hidden somewhere

To be fulfilled someday

The time is almost never right

There is too much to always do

Perhaps, you are not ready either

Then again, life is such

And thus the years go by

Black turns to grey eventually

And when you catch a glimpse

It’s been ages, you realize

Where did all those years go?

What do you have to show?

Maybe the wealth of the world

Faded memories not the best bet

And yet, strangely, they comfort

They offer a smile, a tear or two

They  gently unlock the heart

And that’s where the treasure lies

So before you let go of today

This moment, here and now

Take a deep breath, and see

You will never be here twice

Get off the humdrum life

Take a vacation, be with family

Catch up on old times with friends

Get those dreams off the dusty shelves

Life, after all is just once

Living is not restricted, however

You will get there, yes

For now, Let the world wait


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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