Daddy advocates a glass of whisky everyday. He says it is like a good lubricant that keeps the heart going. But he warns, the glass must always and I mean always be accompanied by music. Dad loves his music, as much as his drink. If you were ever to visit our home, at any time of the day, you’d hear good ol’ music, the old-fashioned way. And he loves to dance too. Every wedding we go to, and if there is a waltz number that comes up, Daddy will drag me to the dance floor. Why, there was a time he gave me private tuition on how to hold the body frame, and move in four boxes. Yes, music and whisky are integral to each other, especially at our home.

And just like music has notes, so does whisky. And Daddy makes it a point to tell you how the twain should meet. So Black Dog, largely, has fruity tones, that escalate to velvety textures and end in a hint of sweetness. Keeping that in mind, you need music that soothes the soul and is feel good. So rock and punk is out. He does not endorse the current trends of music either. He says Black Dog Whisky is a class apart. And so, there are very few gentlemen who can do justice to it. Here are the ones who can.

Paul Anka. When the man croons ‘Stay with me Diana’, I want to be his Diana. Daddy swears to dancing to ‘Put your head on my shoulder’, very diligently with mum. No reasons for guessing why Paul is numero uno. Also, Daddy thinks Paul is the luckiest man alive, coz he has five daughters. Yes, if you want fruity, Paul it is.

Tom Jones sang ‘Delilah’ and girls swooned. That velvety voice pierced through your heart and made you want to be the answer to his questions. And his ‘What’s new Pussycat?‘ and ‘Sex Bomb’ were epic. Daddy swears, there’s no man better than Tom to hit the right notes, when you are enjoying your drink.

The sweet voice of Engelbert is just what you need to wind up with. Daddy has a soft corner for the man, as he was born in Madras. He technically becomes one of us, then. đŸ™‚ ‘Please Release Me’ and ‘The Last Waltz’ are the perfect bittersweet ending to the musical journey. You’ve come to the end, you know you must go, however you wish to stay a bit longer. Perfect.

But then Daddy being him, will wind up post his singular glass of whisky. Until tomorrow, same time, same place. The music will play. The notes will rhyme. Memories will be made.

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