Twilight beckons to the cityscape

Another day has passed me by

I yearn, I know not for what

As I look towards the dim lit sky

She offers me soothing company

As my thoughts go wander

I know I should be here, somehow

But my heart is there, yonder

And even as her touch mesmerizes

I taste; the heavens feel near

I long for the open spaces

Where the heart is without fear

I want to walk by the Speyside

Take in the warm winter sun

Breathe in the highland air

Dreams, easier said then done

I think she read my thoughts

For she held me by my hand

By the sparkling waters I was

T’was the promised land

The aroma of sherry wood

The taste of  Seville oranges

The whispers of bitter chocolate

The senses were rearranged

She was bold, and magnificent

Charm and finesse personified

I was where I wanted to be

My state of being amplified

And I couldn’t help but let go

Of the cares that tied me down

As far as I was concerned

Golden I’d paint the town

And just like that I found

What I’d been looking for

A sip of Black Dog TGR

A blend hard to ignore

And the sky enveloped the city

Like twinkling stars were the lights

Here and now was what mattered

When in hand you hold delight

Happiness is a butterfly

Bliss cannot be foretold

Being yourself till the end

Now that is Pure Gold


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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