Hues of amber, golden delights

Lead the heart to where it may go

Let imagination take the flight

T’is a magic potion to him who knows

Handcrafted from robust malts

Throw in the mellow woods

In the gardens of aroma, halt

Take a deep breath, you should

Blend in the sherry, will you?

As the vanillic stands the test

Sweet, delicate, complex but true

Brewed to perfection, no less

Sweet whispers, hushed tones

Tingles of light warm peat

Beautifully rounded and honed

Twelve years is no mean feat!

Let luxury linger a moment longer

At the warm touch of cream

The desire only grows stronger

Good life is a well-earned dream

So celebrate every sunrise morn’

Be thankful for each starry night

As time flows from dusk to dawn

It’s another day to get it right…


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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