The Independence weekend was eagerly awaited. Not that we are patriotic and all. Just that is was one long weekend and we were planning a getaway. Sometimes, when you know a holiday is around the corner, time flies. Or not. We trudged slowly to August, braving the rains of June and July. Yes, Mumbai rains have quite the reputation.

And yes, soon it was the second week of August. We’d booked a bungalow in Lonavla and were quite looking forward. D Day arrived and we were quite thrilled. Unfortunately, we got a call from the owner telling us there was a mis-communication and the bungalow had been overbooked. What was worse is, the ones who had booked it along with us had already reached Lonavla. Technically, it was not our fault. Logically, it made sense that they get the bungalow. The owner apologized, but it was an honest mistake. We were quite dejected.

That’s when hubby boy came up with the idea of the gang coming over to our place. Well, the stocks had been invested in and it made no sense to keep them for next time. Well, it wasn’t Lonavla but we had the Arabian Sea for company. And just like this, a bad moment was turned around. The whole group came over. We somehow managed to fit them into our modest home.

The early morning futile exercise left everyone tired, so we simply crashed for the afternoon. The Mumbai rains came pouring and transformed the surroundings into lush green. We were not missing Lonavla at all. Ok, a wee bit. But then, out came the Black Dog Whisky bottles, along with cards and a whole lotta chicken lollipops that we ordered in. And we went on till wee hours of the morning. No one wanted to sleep, coz no one wanted to lose.

I remember it was one thrilling weekend. We danced, we laughed, we played and we slept. Somehow the place did not matter, the company did. We have gone for a few holidays post that one. However, none have matched the madness of that impromptu getaway. Sometimes, the best plans are the ones you don’t make. Poster-1 Disclaimer:¬†This blog post content¬†is meant only for adults above the age of 25.



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