I was browsing through the Farmlite Bytes Film Festival you-tube videos to write for Sunfeast – Health is Fun with Farmlite. They have quite a campaign going on where they are saying that being healthy need not be a herculean task. They’ve covered a wide spectrum right from maid woes to a couple on toes, dancing sport to sporting game, and Gabbar at work to work of art. Yet, the one I chose was this. And I’ll tell you why.

Sunfeast Farmlite - Health is Fun

Sunfeast Farmlite – Health is Fun

How many of you have watched infomercials that sell you the world? The kinds that consist of wonder diets to miracle cleaning agents, evil eye protection to money multipliers, yes, those. The template is simple. Unhappy faces first depict the problem. The ailing would have tried all possible solutions, till of course they came across the product in question. This is generously followed by testimonials by ‘verified customers’. Finally, the price drop and the bargain. How do I know this? I’ve written a few of them. Yes, now that you are done laughing….oh, sorry. Please continue, I’ll wait.

Yes, so as I was saying, I know the math.

Hence, when I saw the ‘Homework Kiya’ video by Sunfeast Farmlite, I knew I had my muse.

The sing-song tenor of the protagonist, the sepia tones of yesteryear and the disinterested wife had me at ‘play video’. And of course, how can I ignore the issues of feminism this video raised? Cooking, cleaning and ironing are not a woman’s domain. Brilliant, simply brilliant, such subtle packaging of trepidations that plague our society. Sunfeast has nailed it in true audio-visual style.

However, not taking away from the humour, Sunfeast Farmlite does make a good point. Being healthy surely does not mean flaunting sculpted abs, in whatever packs they come. It means being able to climb those staircases without getting breathless. Or perhaps reaching for those stairs in the first place. It does not mean life altering dietary deviations, but stands for making room for simple lifestyle changes. Get it?

No? Let me explain. Don’t you just hate it when the sliding windows act all stubborn and refuse to budge on those aluminium tracks? Same goes for wooden doors that swell in accordance to Mumbai Monsoons. Dad always said a product lasted as long as it was well maintained. And my trusted memory tells me, a wee bit of machine oil always came in handy for all knick-knacks. So, by the same principle, shouldn’t we nurture and maintain our body that we reside in? It’s the only one we’ll have in this lifetime. We owe it to ourselves and the ones we care about.

Having said that, I will begin with myself. Because, change however small, does start with you. And so, these are the 5 lifestyle changes that I am going to make towards a healthier tomorrow.

  1. 5 pm is the challenge hour for me. I tend to snack on anything that is available. More often than not, it is junk. Henceforth, I am not going to replenish the stocks.
  2. Considering that a writer’s job is at her desk, I tend to remain inactive for long periods at a stretch. So, I am going to set an alarm for every two hours and take that mandatory break.
  3. Walking is the best exercise one can get. However, making excuses rather than time comes easy. I will attempt to walk a minimum of 5000 steps in a day to begin with. Time to change the batteries of my pedometer.
  4. The fact that you can dial-in your daily requirements is quite the convenience we enjoy. It is our boon, and our bane. I think I am going to invest in a shopping basket. To market, to market it is.
  5. They say save the best for last, and I DID! I updated my playlist with all the foot tapping numbers I know and love. Yes, my dancing shoes are ready to paint the town red. 

These are my top 5 on the Health is Fun To Do List. Have you seen the Sunfeast Farmlite videos?

Go ahead, tell me what perky lifestyle changes are you gonna be making.




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