Let's Meet for Coffee

Let’s Meet for Coffee and Conversations

“Let’s meet for coffee!”

“Yes, please. I need to get out ya.”

“You were out last night, weren’t you, Lopster?”

“THAT was with family. It was an obligation.”

“Wah, Lopster, such big words, eh?”

“I know. I am going to need a Thesaurus next time, Nivs.”

“Ok, girls, focus. What time?”

“11 am?”

“No ya, the maid has not come in today.”

“I, too, will be in yoga.”

“I’ve got a blog post to finish.”

“Accha, then say na, Neeti, Mans and Vini?”

“12.30 pm? Starbucks Infinity?”


“Sounds perfect. Bhabhi and I will be there.”

“Great. Chal, I better shower then. Byeeeee.”

“Gosh, I need to shower? The things I do for you women.”




And that is how we ramble, all over, on the group chat. Every single time. And eventually, we land up at Starbucks Infinity, because by some strange twisted fate, it is almost equidistant to us five women. Well, to four at least.

To begin with, our coffee meets are never just coffee meets.

We could lunch, brunch or snack, but we still call it ‘meeting for coffee.’ It is almost like a sacrosanct ritual, this meeting for coffee and conversations. And no, we did not fall in perfect sync, just like that. It has taken years of practice. More importantly, it has been the divine intervention of having our kids attend the same school. And us being the enthusiastic PTA members with no place but coffee shops to conduct our meets.

Every true caffeine lover is aware that no two coffees are alike. So also, none of us are similar to the other. If one likes it black, the other stays away from whipped cream. The third swears by brown sugar and a spoonful of milk, while the fourth likes it nice and chilled. Me? I’d never trade my Hazelnut flavoured Cappuccino for anything in this world. Yes, we are as different as dhokla is from paratha, but we’ve managed without any serious retributions, so far. And I think the secret lies in letting the empty coffee cups hold all that you have said. Leave behind the residues of a good brew. Take in the aroma and let the taste linger, as long as memory serves it well.

We talk, gossip, laugh, and poke fun at each other. We’ve shared happy moments and bawled over the not so great memories. More importantly, we are always around to kick the other’s backside, if need be. Gentle reminders, they are not our thing. Inching to the 40 mark, one by one, we realised life is too short to be wasted on pleasantries.

Why this need to meet and connect? Call us old-fashioned, but in a world that is more digital than it ever was, emoticons don’t fully do justice to resounding laughter. The wisecracks, the quips, the anecdotes and the zillion ‘you know what?’ conversation openers make for good things that happen when we get together. A girl can never own too many shoes or have too many cups of coffee with her chicas. A good cup of coffee always works the stress away and is way more effective, and economical than botox.

So, pick up that smart phone and dial your besties. Head over to the closest Starbucks for a hot cuppa. Share. Talk. Just Be. And may you inspire or nurture, one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.

And in case you are wondering what we girls did before Starbucks came to India, that’s easy. We were not friends back then. Somewhere, in this note, is the story of #HowWeMet. Read Again?

PS : All names have been retained. Any resemblance to any living person is purely intentional. 😀




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