What is it about first times that they remain etched in memory? Be it the first rain showers that quench the parched earth, or the first garbled words of a baby. Remember the jitters of your first kiss and the pride in claiming your first pay check? What about the first man on the moon or closer home, your first blog post? Yes, nothing comes close to adrenalin rush of the first time. Every other time has this hint of familiarity, a sense of déjà vu. The first time, however, is like a blank canvas that could bring forth anything from an array of colours to a masterpiece. All you have to do is #ChooseToStart.

Talking about first times, in a world that is pretty much connected and online, have you ever wondered about the first ever cell phone? It might be a tad bit difficult to imagine the times when smartphones did not exist, but then again those times did. Until one company chose to up the design of the existing car phones and spent an estimated $100 million to develop the prototype. The year was 1983 and the company was Motorola. As others joined the bandwagon, Motorola kept upping their stakes in the cellular market. While the handsets that were available in the market were bulky to say the least, Motorola launched the Star Trek inspired flip phone called Star Tac in 1997. Another cool first in their kitty, and a hot selling one at that.

MOTO E 2015

So what would I #ChooseToStart with the MOTO E?

Motorola has always been a company that has gone back to its users to reinvent themselves. Judging by that yardstick, the Moto Series Revolution is here to stay. Phones are smart, users are suave and together they can create almost anything. However, they don’t need to cost a gold mine, nor be that fragile to have and to hold. And having owned a few that almost cost me a kidney I can safely say this would be a revamped smart phone experience.

And I choose to start…

  1. Being conservative as far as monies are concerned on gadgets. Hence the Moto E works perfectly in sync with total value for money. A smart phone with a smart price.
  2. Capturing those moments that matter. Life is passing me by and I want to make memories. The easy functional dual camera will ensure I don’t need to be a pro at clicking pics. Tap and snap, that easy.
  3. Taking Selfies! Well, I have been a tad bit late on this bandwagon simply because I can never get all to fit in the frame, and pout at the same time. Moto E offers me a twist in the tale. Maybe, I can after all.
  4. Video chatting with family and friends far, far away. I am more of a walk and talk person, hence being glued on a voice call is not my scene. I think I now want to give this a shot.
  5. Penning those thoughts as they drop in. Yes, the muse often visits me when I am nowhere near a laptop or a pen and paper. I have rambled often about being prepared, but perhaps, now I will be.
  6. Becoming a You Tuber. Well, it seemed like the next logical step post blogging. And now with easy to shoot and upload HD videos, I just might.
  7. Taking my much deserved ‘me time’. With new age terms like FOMO and MOMO taking precedence in our lingo, I am grateful for Moto Display, Sleep and Meeting Mode. Yes, DO NOT DISTURB in capital, bold and italics.

I am choosing getting out of the box. I want to dream bigger and open up my world of possibilities. Add a dash of colour, lots of rich experiences and leave behind a great back story. I am worth the premium but don’t want basic conveniences priced as luxury. And a smart phone today is all about convenience and comfort. I want to be able to do much, but at my pace, and on my terms. If I am paying for a high-end phone, it is not for it to bend in my back pocket. It is to get me there out in the front.

So what will you choose to start today?



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