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I’ve always had a sweet tooth!

Cakes, chocolates, sweetmeats, you name it and I crave for it. A dessert after meals was a tradition diligently followed at home. And when we had no stock of anything sweet, we’d pop bits of jaggery in our mouth to satiate that urge. Oh, but we just had to have something sweet. I can’t do without my beverages either. I must have my cuppa coffee every morning, lest I turn into a vampire and bare my fangs for the world to see. During the day I like to sip on a cola, or perhaps chilled juice, fresh or tinned, doesn’t matter. It simply ought to be chilled. I belong to a generation that grew up on golas and ice candies. Needless to say, the childhood passion continues till date. Ice creams have joined the bandwagon, as well. So basically, it would be safe to establish that the ‘sweet tooth’ is intact.

Over the years, my taste preferences did not change but something else did. I began getting tingling sensations when I ate any of my fav foods, hot or cold. I dismissed it as a one-off thing. However, the sudden vibrations were like a mild electric current. Of course, oral hygiene was always a first, yet the wear and tear of the teeth enamel was something I had not accounted for. Someone once mentioned to me that a person brushes their teeth for an average 30 seconds. I wondered if I, too, fell under the same statistics.

By the way, have I mentioned that I am apprehensive of dental visits? It is very hard for me to keep my mouth open as the dentist drills and cements. So, coming back to the point of my sensitive teeth, I honestly was not looking at visiting a dentist. I tried some home remedies like clove oil, but it did not offer much respite. I needed a solution, and I needed it fast. Because clearly, altering my diet was too life changing.

I chanced upon Sensodyne at a friend’s home. No, I did not go browsing through her toiletries. We’d crashed at her place after a party, and this was the morning ritual we all are accustomed to – brushing our teeth. As a trial, I continued using Sensodyne for some time. A week later, I found that I could enjoy my coffee without the apprehensions of sensitivity troubles. I checked with my bestie who mentioned she had swapped over to Sensodyne after facing pretty much the same trouble as me. And ever since the switch, she’s been happy to eat and drink as she pleased. I made a mental note to cross over as well.

It has been 3 months since I changed my oral care routine. I now ensure a soft bristle brush that massages the teeth and the gums. Sensodyne has been an able partner to this ritual. My sensitivity troubles are under control. I flash my pearly whites more often, and that sweet tooth, it still remains.

Want to have a happy sweet tooth always? Take this test to help determine if you have sensitive teeth or not:



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