A good health insurance plan will take care of all your needs.

My dad used to tell me “Trouble never seeks permission before knocking your door. Be prepared, for in this lifetime, Trouble WILL SURELY KNOCK more than once.”

I never quite fathomed the meaning of these words for a very long time. You know how the human mind works. We think ourselves to be invincible, and more than capable to deal with the lemons or melons that come our way. We live in the notion that nothing untoward can ever happen to us. Some might call that optimism or positivity, but to the discerning eye it would come across as being naïve. After all, how many times have you wondered “If only I had, while I still had the time?”

Too much of a parable for you? Let me explain better. Here, try answering these questions as honestly as possible.

  1. Do you carry an umbrella during the monsoons even if it isn’t raining when you step out?
  2. Do you have an up to date anti-virus installed on your laptop/computer?
  3. Do you have a scratch guard screen on your mobile phone?
  4. Do you worry if you have shut the geyser/turned off the taps whilst on a holiday?
  5. Do you believe in making periodic investments for the future?

If you have answered yes to all or most of the questions above, congratulations, you are doing it right. And if you have replied in the negative then stick around to know why your answers need to change by the end of this post.

So, basically what we do is be prepared for the situation, be it carrying an umbrella or installing an anti-virus on our technological devices. We are not affirming the bad to happen, but we are preparing for the worst, just in case. What has to happen will inevitably happen, only that you would be better geared to deal with the circumstances.

But dealing with a given situation at hand requires not just foresight but also a strong network in the area of emergency. And the added requisite of the financials that will be needed. I recall an incident where a friend’s husband got a heart attack while on their annual holiday. In the remote mountains, she had no help and had to rely on the locals till her family could reach them. Her husband was given treatment at the only hospital in the small town, but he needed expert opinion. He survived, but it was quite an ordeal for her, those 20 days.

My father in law worked for a pharmaceutical giant, and hence he is very particular about good health insurance. He is the biggest endorser of investing in health care. He is 78, but you can’t tell. Today as I am slowly but surely headed to the other side of the 40’s, I appreciate his foresight. A comprehensive health care plan allows you to be attended to during emergencies with all the formalities being taken care of. Believe you me, it is at such times that you need a silent partner addressing the nitty-gritty as you nurse your loved one back to health.

Surprisingly, as we journey through life, money, assets, properties, a good home, holidays and such like gain our attention. Insurance is not really a subject matter we ponder over. It is more often than not looked upon as an involuntary tax benefit. We don’t chalk out why and when we may need this insurance and hence land up making uninformed choices thanks to the marketing calls that we get. However, as is the case in an Anti-virus or an umbrella, you need one that works as per your specifications and requirements. One that adheres to your needs and justifies your annual expense towards the systematic product maintenance. Religare Health Insurance is our preferred choice, as a family. Comprehensive, customizable and a complete brand umbrella catered to your wellbeing. You only live once, make it a healthy one for you and your loved ones.

In present times, we have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the right insurance plan. Just like in the case of an anti-virus or an umbrella, you need to choose one that suits your individual requirements. The right plan should also be according to your budget and not exceed your stipulated annual expenses. Many specialized Health Insurance providers offer comprehensive plans that are designed as per your needs. Considering most of the offers available in the market, we opted for CARE by Religare Health Insurance. I must say it has not given us any reason to regret our choice. It’s recommended that you do an extensive research on all the available plans and choose the one that’s perfect for you.



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