Find your Dream Home

Do deewane shehar mein

Raat mein ya dopahar mein

Aab-o-dana dhoondhte hain

Ek aashiyana dhoondhte hain

I wonder if Gulzaar sahab knew when he penned these lyrics that he would immortalize the eternal quest for that perfect home. A home that is just right for you. For me. For everyone. Yes, there has to be a home that fits our dreams and aspirations somewhere, no?

What makes a house ‘your home’?

I remember when we were house hunting more than 12 years ago, we must have seen so many apartments that I could have moonlighted as an apartment broker myself. Somehow, our requirements and their understanding of it never seemed to be on the same page. I guess we were just another ‘percentage’ they were waiting to make. How were we to explain to them that we were looking not just for a 2 BHK apartment but for a home that would grow to meet our needs, especially those of our two-year-old. We wanted a home that not only fit our financial constraints but also met with our social parameters. Our home had to have plenty of natural light and air, be roomy, warm and welcoming all at once. Our home had to be an extension of who we were, individually and as a family.

And believe me, all those memories of house hunting came flooding back when I saw this rather cute ad by Magic Bricks. Yes, some homes were like matchboxes while others were just not architecturally appealing. Some localities did not have enough open spaces while others were far off from basic necessities like schools, markets and local transportation. Eventually, we chanced upon ‘our home’ via a family friend. And the moment we entered the house, the vibes felt just right. Even though the apartment was under construction, we could visualize living there. One look from my husband, and I knew we had come home, finally.

We are planning on moving again.

But this time I don’t feel the anxiety as much. In fact, I am quite looking forward to the property hunting because I will browse through real estate right from the comforts of my home. I won’t have to deal with innumerable middlemen nor see apartments that don’t make the cut-off on my requirement list. It is as easy as 1-2-3 on Magic Bricks where I can find maximum listings for the area, with in-depth info about the property and expert advice on real estate trends.

Just like the happy squirrel, I think there is a tree hollow just waiting to be ours, and with Magic Bricks we know we will find it. Are you up for a housewarming party, then?

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