You know how first impressions can be! Dedicated to one of my closest gal pal, my partner in crime, my mad twin when it comes to pranks and more. You know who you are and for the record, I’d not change nothing about you. Albeit your Photoshop skills, would gladly trade 😛


So I noticed her the first time at the PTM,

She looked like a perfect high handed mum!

We definitely weren’t crossing paths I said,

One ‘kitty types’ less on my head!

But the occasional meet here and there,

I noticed a lot more than just well kept hair

Between school days and birthdays galore,

To this girl I realized there was definitely more

One day between casual talks I guess,

Learnt the lass is a qualified C.A., no less

With a sense of humour, creativity and love for books,

Talk about somebody having deceptive looks.

Just when I thought I’d unearthed it all, 

Turns out, her name was not the one we called!!!

Used to seeing her adjusting straps of the frock, 

In proper Indian attire she gave us a cultural shock

Her maids and their woes knew no end, 

She made them tea and I couldn’t comprehend

Now she is an amazing lady, no offence, 

But she attracts the kinds with ‘no common sense’

Then one day at the movies between the eats, 

I let it slip that she was no doubt a treat

That led to things getting hot between us two, 

And I meant just the conversations dude

It’s amazing how bizarre first impressions can be, 

I’m really glad I took the time to see

And now we are more than ‘just good friends’, 

A long way from that casual acquaintance…



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