My mom has a green thumb. It is her love for plants that saw me follow in her footsteps with a modest balcony garden. These wonderful green creatures ask for nothing and yet give so much. When my mom gave me this plant, she said it was a blessing as it was the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. Many others said it was the ‘Brahma Kamal’. But in the present days where Sri Sri Googleshwar can tell you much more than you really think you know, I realized that this is the Night Blooming Cereus.

This plant stems from a stem or rather a leaf. It flowers in June/July and Dec/Jan as it needs a relatively cooler climate. 

It begins with a little sprout of a bud on a leaf, grows to almost the size of a palm and then curves in for added support. 

The flower bud grows as though holding a precious secret. 

Enveloped in an ornate pattern of long, pink, needle like protection, the buds look so secretive, yet ready to burst any minute. 

And then one night, it finally happens. Pandora’s box gently opens to reveal the treasures hidden in this marvellous white vision of perfection. 

It typically starts blooming around twilight. Closer to midnight you witness the ethereal beauty and fragrance of this supposed cactus.

These flowers bloom just for one night, a few hours in fact. Yet, they put in their entire essence of existence in that act of exuberance. Only, if we too had that conviction to give it all up for that one thing that we aspire for, perhaps we too would live for that perfect moment. 

Last night, I had triplets and so just had to post a pictorial post. Hope you enjoy this just as much as I did having them. Have a set of fraternal twins all set to bloom tonight. Did they get me any luck? Well, heard two good news yesterday, awaiting the third! Mother is always right, I guess!



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