Last year, this time, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” changed so many perceptions. Dedicated to the movie that inspired this Blog name and to the writer who churns out pearls of poetry, whenever he pens some random words.

Javed Akhtar, you never cease to amaze me!

This moment like molten sapphire
Amidst the vast blue silences
With no trace of heaven nor earth
Rustling leaves on rustic branches
Proclaim you are the sole witness
Only me and my breathless heartbeat
Such depth, such solitude
And just me all the way
I believe I now truly exist…

My lips refrain from saying
That what steals a shy glance
Perhaps from you, sometimes from me
A few words is what it needs
Adorned in which, it would lip read
Sway away in the arms of the voice it heeds
But this one thing that remains
Is by far the best feeling
Like a heady fragrance that sweetly rides the air
That fragrance without the tip toe of sound
The one that you know of
The one that I am aware of too
An open secret, this…

Whenever the clouds of hurt have hung low
And the shadows of sadness have dealt a blow
When tears have reached their final threshold
And so much loneliness this heart withholds
I’ve cautioned my heart once too many
Why do you shed tears a penny?
This is just how the world goes
These deep dark silences you know
Time gives everyone a go
A tad bit of rain that all get
Bright sunshine makes them forget
Why let tears take away the play?
Every dawn is the break of a new day!
Why lose precious moments as these?
Set the heart free upon the breeze….

You are alive if you walk alongside your apprehensions.
You are alive if your eyes harbor unawakened dreams
Strive to be free like the wind, learn to swim like the waves of the sea.
Greet every moment with open arms, make every minute a new memory.
And with this if amazement adorns your eyes, you are alive!



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