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My cries are drenched in the welcome
He receives for being the family heir
Why was I cut from my mother’s womb?
Don’t I deserve the same love and care?
My sodden tears have no effect
For they’ve taken away my books
He still gets to play and go to school
I’m told to stay home, clean and cook
My bleeding heart weeps in horror
Leery eyes, they gather and throng
They pick my bones, feel my flesh
Why, is being a girl so wrong?
My moist eyes search for my cocoon
Yet, there is nothing but unfamiliar faces
They rejoice for bringing home a young bride
I’m still wandering in my childhood spaces
My wounded soul is soaking wet
With every bruise and scar to match
I was set afire this Monday morning
So another girl could be the fresh catch
The weaker sex suffers and succumbs
Such is this outlandish circle of life
But for every boy that is cherished
Where then will you get him a wife?
You mock, discriminate and judge
The very source of your existence
And yes, women too have contributed
To this sorry state, a cynical assistance
I am now done being the silent one
I am done being tied in shackles
In rage, every molecule in me vibrates
These societal stains need to be tackled
Change I know, won’t happen overnight
A revolution won’t sweep the nation
Till we don’t voice against the wrong
What is the point of that education?
I dream of a haven that is safe and secure
That challenges the intellect not the gender
I aspire for opportunities the mind can explore
Where every worthy aspirant is a contender
And some day I know this will be
For I promise to raise my daughter such
Respect a man not just by his age
But by his gaze and sense of touch
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind
Live your life on your own terms
Fall, but have the courage to rise again
To valiance, destiny always reaffirms
Till such time comes I promise myself
In self pity or fear will I soak no more
Freedom is my right and not your choice
I now hold the key, to my life’s door.



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