As children, every September, my sister and I were always taken to the Mount. “It is not Bandra Fair that is important”, we were chided, even as we couldn’t contain our excitement. Of course, over the years we realized that our parents were right all along. The Mount has nothing to do with the fair. It has got everything to do with faith.

And so it is amazing, when you try to pass on the legacy of your memories to your children. Every stall, every pillar, every candle and every prayer, gives you a feeling of déjà vu. As you ramble in the all too familiar yesterday, today holds your hand and points at a toy stall.

And because I know this is something she will remember, I turn around and tell my daughter, “the fair is not what is important”……words of wisdom I know she will pass on tomorrow, via this very route, on her annual pilgrimage to the Basilica of Mount Mary. 

Hold my hand….
God on Sale
Colourful Petitions
The Basilica
The Lady of the Mount

Faith is all that it takes to go from Can’t to Can
Toys R Us
I have a dream……

The original apple caused the circle of life….   

Two fates, one destination.



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