Have you ever waited for the sun? I mean what is there to wait for? He will rise in his blazing chariot at the appointed hour and then spread the light of universal life. After a hard day’s work, he will ride into the sunset, to do this all over again, tomorrow and the eternal days after that, right?Β True that, but I still decided to check on him to see if he was doing a swell job.

They say it is the darkest hour before sunrise. And you know what? Sunrise is a one long soul purifying process. Enjoy the captures, all between 6.20 am to 7.15 am, in South Goa. I couldn’t have had a more apt post as the first of 2013.Β 

So it is pitch darkΒ @ 6.20 am, the darkest hour!
Slowly the dark night gives way to warmer hues
The lone star (tiny white dot) will soon fade away……..
The landscape seems to stir from the slumber
The skies dab on a rose blush
And just like that, someone peeps from the yonder
Makes his presence known, slowly but surely!
A confident stride now!
Time to wakey, wakey , people!
Rise and Shine……………to yet another day!

And it is business as usual πŸ™‚
Β PS : All pictures are personal and belong to the author. They may not be used in any form, whatsoever.Β 



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