Ideally, I’d call it Bombay. A city that I was born and bred in. No matter where I go,  I always want to come back home. So, a pictorial post to the city I love was a given. I am sharing some snapshots of South Mumbai. These are much loved tourist spots. Every time you see them, you learn something new.
Right from being handed in dowry to being held at ransom, Mumbai has seen it all. A city that harbors dreams like no other, you can’t escape its charms. Once you visit Mumbai, you’ve made it a part of your life for good.
Victoria Terminus, now known as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the architectural wonder never ceases to amaze you. The head quarters of the Central Railways, it was built in 1887 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria

The Naval Dockyard, every bit regal.

The Indian Ship building yard where only Naval Personnel can enter. Photography further around this area is restricted.

Flora Fountain, splendour spelt.

One of the most beautiful fountains in Mumbai, named after the Roman Goddess Flora.  Not the one you can throw a coin into though.

Rajabai Clock Tower, hear the bells chime
Mumbai’s own Big Ben stands in the Universtity Campus. Built by a son for his blind mother so she could eat dinner on time as per religious requirements.
Gateway of India, history redefined

Built to welcome royalty, it also invited terror, twice. The Gateway, Mumbai’s most
famous landmark bears testimony to a history she can’t change.

David Sassoon Library to the left, Army and Navy building in centre, and Watsons Hotel to the right, at Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda has become synonymous with the festival of the same name. The David Sassoon Library  clubbed with the Army and Navy Building next door, remind of an era gone by. The Watsons Hotel on the right is India’s oldest surviving cast iron building. Mark Twain at one time, stayed as a guest out here.

The Queen’s necklace, Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a sight to behold, both at day and at night. As the Arabian waters lap up your worries, the lights around the promenade illuminate as the sun sets. And diamonds are no match for a lit up Queen’s Necklace.

Haji Ali, shot from a moving cab.
A Sufi Saint who made Mumbai his home and loved it so much, that his casket came floating back to these very waters. Reminds me why my umbilical cord with this city can never be cut, ever.



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