I decided to participate in the  #100HappyDays Challenge and share the picture story on my blog too. And so here I am with happy stories to show. Come, have a dekho! My personal hashtag is #BlogwatiGSmiles. Yeah, it’s all about ME!

As the daughter was getting ready for school this morning, there was twittering of the highest order on the tree yonder. This playful fella kept flitting from one branch to the other, chasing a crow. Meet the Black Drongo, the informal king crow as Wikipedia states. And yes, this forked tail guy seemed to match the descriptions to the tee. I guess when he realized he was the focus of my camera lens, for a split second, he posed, and then was gone. There is some method in madness after all. *Smiles in the knowledge*

These birds were always around, but I think I started noticing them only after seeing Shail Mohan share her fabulous pictures of her feathered friends. So, thank you dear Birdwali Aunty(a name coined by my daughter for her). She could be called the Dabboo Ratnani of the bird kingdom! Check out her snapshots here.




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