Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. For devout Catholics over the world, it is a day of obligation. It is celebrated to welcome Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem with palms. The priest blesses these palms at mass and you’ll find many homes having a cross made out of a coconut palm leaf.

It is also the day when Veronica’s Song is performed in the church at the evening Passover service. Veronica was a young girl who wiped Jesus’s face with her veil, as HE was making his way to Calvary. As HE had nothing to give her in return, HE gave her ‘HIS FACE’ on the piece of cloth that she used. Since then, it is known as the ‘Veil of Veronica’.

Our parish is one of the few that enacts this story on Palm Sunday. We have people who come from far and wide to see a story they have seen so many times before. This year, we had our children’s choir sing the ‘Via Dolorosa’ song which translates to ‘Way of Grief’. And the faithful gathered once again to celebrate his death and resurrection.



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