Women and shopping go hand in hand. I love it too, but only places where I can bargain. High end shopping is not my style. What I do enjoy though is the outlook, especially the window displays. I am intrigued by the effort taken to lure a shopper. It is like a web, you know. If you are caught, it is difficult to leave empty-handed.

Every shop, store and boutique dress to impress. And for the maverick me, I love to observe that more keenly than loosening my purse strings. No, not that I am a miser. In fact, I am more of a quick shopper. If I like something, I pick it instantly. And if it is a bargain, even better. What I can’t do is ramble the whole gamut and then pick the one thing I liked right at the start. I like to save; and it begins with time, moves to effort and finally ends on money.

How do you like your shopping?


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