These pictures were clicked during our Abra ride. One ride, various views and multiple experiences. While on one hand, the  afternoon sun bounced off the glass facade of a building and set the waters shimmering; on the other the reflection of our little boat party broke into many pieces of the window pane grid. We were taking a leisure ride, while some others were hurrying to their destinations across the canal, the Abra being the economical route.

We were having a big family reunion moment, yet each one of us was in a world of their own. We were together, yet alone with our thoughts. Some were clicking pictures, some eating chips, some talking animatedly while the remaining simply taking in their surroundings. Yes, we all were in the same picture, with a different view. And nobody was wrong nor right, we just were focusing on different things.

And so it is with life, it is one big joyride. My view may never be yours, but I am open to sharing it. I don’t expect you to understand or approve, but only to respect it. I might not conform to your views either, but that does not make me wrong, it just makes us two very different individuals. And that I think is perfectly fine, this view-point that is.



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