One extraordinary gentleman set out to discover the perfect blend of Scotch whisky, 130 years ago. The year was 1883 and the man, Sir Walter Millard. The Speyside region of Scotland is where his journey took him. He chanced upon the home of the MacKinlay’s, in Leith Edinburgh. And as luck would have it, they were known as ‘Scotch whisky royalty’. This sure could be a life changing event for whisky drinkers around the world. And as history proves, it truly was.

Along with James MacKinlay, Sir Walter Millard discovered the blend he had been searching for. When you are in quest for perfection, you won’t settle for anything less. The signature taste, delicate aroma and velvety texture on the palate were a hand’s down winner. And now came the part to christen this discovery. Being a keen ‘angler’, Sir Walter Millard named the Scotch after his favourite fishing fly – the Black Dog. This was an ode to the sport that he loved so dearly, fishing.

In 2013, Black Dog Scotch Whisky celebrated 130 years since it was founded. A rare blend that offers the real taste of Scotland; it is a favourite with whisky connoisseurs, who appreciate the finer things in life. Present day, Black Dog Scotch Whisky is matured and blended under the experienced tutelage of Richard Paterson. He is a Master Blender, par excellence, coming from a legacy of renowned whisky blenders. Black Dog continues to reign supreme with his expertise.

Life is a journey that you undertake. And even though the destination is unknown, it is the milestones along the way that keep you going. Life is not easy, but then again, anything worthwhile never is. Just like how Black Dog Whisky undergoes a long journey to become the blend that you savour, so also life is like that. You go through much, but in the end that makes you who you are. Remember, the perfect blend takes years. So, make those years count. Unwind your mind, refresh your body and renew your spirit with Black Dog range of whiskies.

Why Black Dog? Because life is too short for ‘mediocre’.


Disclaimer: This blog post content is meant only for adults above 25



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